Terms of Service

Ordering Policy

At Reading Glasses Store we do our best to display accurate information regarding stock status. We don’t guarantee that information is 100% accurate. If stock status or price of the product changed over the time you placed an order, we will notify you via e-mail offering alternative delivery time. Should you not agree with the new delivery time the order will be canceled and money returned to your credit card.

Cancelation Policy

After non prescription order is placed customer is allowed a 24 hour cool off period. If cancelation request was not made over this time, your order will be processed and shipped to you at estimated delivery time. Should you still need to cancel the order before it is shipped to you cancelation fee in the amount of 10% of total order will be charged to your credit card.

Prescription Glasses Orders Fulfilment Policy

When order is placed prescription is provided by the customer by filling the prescription lenses order form. We encourage all customers to send us a copy of your prescription on hand as provided by the doctor to [email protected] to ensure accuracy of order placed. As a service our opticians and optometrists may suggest different index or coating package for your prescription.

Once order is placed customer is entitled to 24 hour cool off period during which you may send us an e-mail asking to cancel the order. After this time order will be processing and no longer can be canceled.

As courtesy for our customers we offer prescription update service. Should your prescription change over the course of 2 years, you are entitled to get your prescription frames refilled with a new prescription lenses at 10% discount. Customer pays shipping both ways. To place such an order, please e-mail us at [email protected]

Return Policy

All prescription orders are final sale.

Non-prescription orders such as prescription frames only or sunglasses are returnable within a week (7 days). Customer must send a return request before shipping the goods back to us. Please do not send package back before obtaining the instructions for return. If package is sent without such inquiry Reading Glasses Store does not take responsibility for accepting the package.

Shipping and Delivery Policy

At Reading Glasses Store we are happy to offer flexible shipping and delivery policy. We use local postal service that ships internationally to over 200 countries in the world. Every package is packed with care minimizing the risk of damage. Every package is insured against loss in the mail or damage during the delivery. Every package is shipped with international tracking number traceable online.

Reading Glasses Store does not take responsibility for fault of delivery companies. In case the package went missing or arrived damaged it will be due to fault of shipping and delivery company. Our customer service team will be happy to assist any investigation inquiries or insurance claims.

Warranty Policy

At Reading Glasses Store we are happy to offer 1 year manufacturer warranty service. Should your frames happen to be defective and break or malfunction due to manufacturer defect, we will be happy to act as intermediary party to service the glasses.

Reading Glasses Store only acts as intermediary in warranty requests and will service the warranty claim if manufacturer agreed that the fault is theirs and is covered. We do not guarantee that every claim will be satisfactory. Older models of glasses frames and sunglasses that are out of collection may not be subject to warranty. Whether the frame or sunglasses is in current collection or old collection is decided by the manufacturer.

Prescription lenses are not covered by the warranty.